Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Everyone is feeling Sad this week!

This image made me sad once - find out why by clicking here

Wicked Wednesday
Be wickedly sexy or sexily wicked!

So reads the tagline on the Wicked Wednesday site, but this weeks 'prompt' is... Sadness. I wasn't going to participate this week because it seemed like such a downer but as fate would have it something happened that made me sad, so... here I go:

Regular readers of this blog will know I regularly complain about the lack of sexual intimacy between me and my wife. I'm well aware that this comes across as bleating, moaning, whining, whingeing, or whatever word you would care to use. I just wish I could articulate how sad it makes me that we don't have sex more often.

We're in our early 50s and there is no reason why we shouldn't. Other than that I don't generate any desire in her, of course. And that's what makes me sad. She used to be sexually vivacious and we had sex all the time when we were younger. Up to three times a day when we first started living together. But youth fades and I get that, and you have to keep the spark alive and I get that too.

I've tried hard over the years to spice things up, to add spontaneity and novelty to our sexual routine, and while those efforts have worked in and of themselves, they haven't fired her libido in any meaningful way. She does not desire sex with me, so unless I push (hard) for it to happen it doesn't happen. This is sad.

Saddest of all is that I know she is a sexual being and she has her own needs and desires - things that she doesn't share with me. I know she reads a lot of dirty stories (just check out the tags marked Kindle Porn and Literotica below to see those posts) and they can be pretty extreme genres. I used to know what she was reading on Literotica simply by checking her browser history on her iPad, but since she changed her passcode at the end of last year I have been left in the dark.

She denies she reads Literotica anymore, and this year she has made a point of insisting she only reads 'Chick Lit' on Kindle now, not 'Clit Lit'.  On the rare occasions this year that I've caught her on her iPad, reading Kindle, she would indeed be reading a romance novel - not a bodice ripping 'someone-gets-fucked-ine every-chapter' piece of erotica.

And so we come to the thing that made me sad enough to join the Wicked Wednesday prompt this week...

My wife left her iPad open and I was able to check her browser history. It turns out she is indeed still using Literotica regularly, and she's still into some fairly extreme genres. Normally I post pictures of the screen grabs I take (see here and here and here) but there are soooo many titles I can't just publish twenty eight pages of browser history. It would seem all my wife does on her iPad is read Kindleporn or Literotica - she switches to Facebook when she sees me coming it seems.

Listed below are just a few of the stories she was reading in the days leading up to and including the last time we had sex (Feb 28 - "I had sex last night" - that's three weeks ago)! The following are from just 6 of the 28 pages of browser history I captured. 

Japanese 'Hentai' - a.k.a. Anime porn, which always features girls
of a dubious or ambiguous age! Sometimes they look decidedly underage
- but always with elf ears and/or tails to show they're not human. So it's okay, right?
Trigger Warning: All titles are from the 'Incest' genre on

How Do You Seduce Your Daughter
Expecting & Expectations
A Sweet Life
Grandpa Fills In The Gap
Daddy & James Partner Up
Summer With Daddy
What Once Was Innocent
Daddy's Fuck Toy
Stepdad's Summer Secretary
Daddy's Girl
A Move To Daddy's
Home Invasion
Daddy's Breeding Slut
A Daughter Belong's To Her Daddy
Three Days In A Ditch
Daddy's Poker Chip
Mom Was Wrong
Lexi Classified
Daddy Seeded Me
Spring Break Wife
Stop It, Daddy!
Drunk daddy
Bless Me Father
Daddy Takes What's His
A Cock For Vikki
The Summer That Changed Everything
Fooling My Stepdaughter
Discovering Daddy
What Mama Don't Know
Adopted Black Daughter
Julie's Panythose

I understand that people often chose erotica about stuff they'd never want to experience in real life (forced submission, torture, etc) but given our daughter recently turned sixteen it's starting to feel a little creepy. I guess I should be grateful she'd not reading the 'Interracial' genre right now, because I certainly can't match those big black studs with their massive cocks.

So to conclude... I am sad because my wife seems to be having all her needs met via online porn these days. I'm here if she wants me, but... apparently my service are not required.

To finish on a positive note... it's my birthday in two weeks so I'm sure to get laid then, right? Maybe my wife is 'saving it all up' for a special night on my special day? I'll keep you posted!


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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

TMI Tuesday: March 20, 2018 ~ The Life You Want

Not the Twins I spent a summer with, but yes they were this hot... (image via Instagram)
1. Who was the first person you ever had a crush on? Why did you like them?
~ I'm over 50 so I really don't remember. Generally if I crushed on someone I would ask them out. If they declined my crush would usually be over fairly quickly. I guess yesterday's post could be labelled 'My First Crush'. It's all true and I remember it as clearly as I told it. I liked her because she was pretty and me feel funny.

2. What is the most important material possession you have and why?
~ I guess it's my phone? Because it keeps me connected to people online via Facebook and Twitter. Not great, but IRL I don't meet people that often since I am now 'retired'

3. If you were a cake which cake would you be?
~ Banana cake. With chocolate icing/frosting. Because I love banana cake with chocolate frosting/icing. Or with vanilla or chocolate ice cream, I'm not picky.

4. Has anything/anyone every saved your life before?
~ No, but I have saved other people. Both were toddlers - one floating/drowning in a pool, the other standing in traffic with cars approaching.

5. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?
~ Invisibility. So I could where I couldn't be seen, and see things I wasn't meant to be see. But don't worry, you'll be safe. My asthma will probably give me away most of the time.

Bonus: Do you have a dream you’re pursuing? Tell us about it.
~ Still trying to develop a residential property I own. It's currently rented by I'm able to subdivide it into four lots. I have so many options on how to develop it I can't decide!

Double Bonus: Q1: I've just remembered something that happened one summer when I was about 14. The local school had a pool and a two week activity program so my mother signed me up. It was really just 'babysitting' masquerading as something more palatable for bored teens. Anyway, most afternoons were 'free time' in the pool so I spent a lot of time with two twin sisters who were about 16. We hung out together a lot, probably because I was a nonthreatening kid compared to them. This meant they were very flirty and there was a lot of innocent touching disguised as 'water play'.
I crushed on them madly but of course being older and hot AF they were well out of my league. So I did nothing, other than enjoy our time together. In retrospect I realize they were discovering their own sexual power and were probably having immense fun making me hard all the time. When you're 14 and in a pool with two hot twins in bikinis you're pretty much a walking swimming erection. Which is why I stayed in the water so long. Which I realize, in retrospect, didn't hide anything.

Triple Bonus: Floss has just reminded me of another ability I'd love (Q5) - Time Travel! The ability to travel backwards and forwards in time would be fascinating. And being able to be invisible while doing it would be doubley awesome!!

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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Miss Green's Boots

Masturbation Monday image prompt provided by sub-Bee of  A to sub Bee ©

When I was about six years old I sat cross legged on the mat in front of our new schoolteacher as she read the class a story. Her name was Miss Green and she was a 'trainee teacher' and would only be at the school for a week, assisting in various classes. She was very young and pretty. We were all told to be nice to Miss Green because if we were she might come back to our school permanently. 

It was story time and we were all seated on the mat as she sat on a chair and read to us. I was seated right at her feet because I really liked Miss Green already. She was young and very pretty.

It was the early 70s and Miss Green was wearing brown suede boots. They had a chunky high heel and the boot went right up to her knee. The suede boots had matching suede laces that ran from her foot and criss-crossed all the way up the front of her leg, finishing in a bow at the top of the knee. The laces were cinched tight via a series of metals hooks, similar to what you might see on a corset today.

Whether Miss Green wore a corset I do not know, because I was only six.

As Miss Green read her story I could look all the way up her legs and almost under her skirt. Well, I could look up her skirt but I couldn't see anything because she sat with one leg over the other, crossed politely, and blocking my view of her underwear. They wore them short back then so I saw enough to make a six year old boy feel things he didn't understand. 

As Miss Green continued with her long and boring story my attention returned to her suede leather lace up boots.  

They did not look like my mother's footwear so I reached out and touched them. The suede felt funny so I stroked my finger tip up and down her boot, leaving a dark trail along the path my finger had taken. It felt really good so I kept doing it - running my finger up and down and around her boot. I did it really slowly so Miss Green wouldn't notice. 

The tingly feeling in my finger spread all over and I felt funny. It was a weird feeling and I couldn't understand or explain it. I just know I liked it so I kept doing it. Sometimes I ran my finger all the way up to Miss Green's knee, but she never once brushed me away or told me to stop. I was in such a daze I didn't think to look up when Miss Green re-crossed her legs right in front of me. Instead I was mesmerized by the long suede leather lace bows as they danced before me when she moved. 

Even though I was no longer listening I could still hear Miss Green's sweet voice as she continued with her story, and my head felt like it was filled with honey.

And that, boys and girls, is how Mr Nero first fell in love with women...


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Sunday, March 18, 2018

OPP: #SoSS ~ March 18

South Park satirize the societal double standard (hypocrisy!) relating to female sexual abuse of young boys

The #SoSS meme is a roundup of favourite blogs I’ve visited this week. In order not to duplicate what others have done for #SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) (or Sunday if you run out of time like I did!!) I’m going to give you links to some of their older stuff - because I think their complete blogs are worth reading. Click the links for the full stories, because these are just excerpts.

Sweetgirl ~ Sweetgirl's Journal "Challenging Myself"

Sweetgirl is a self described 'submissive wife' but has only been in a D/s relationship with her partner of 23 years, MrH. I chose this post because I've been wondering about my wife lately. Ladies, the best advice I can give you is to let your partner know what you want - we're not mind readers so they only way it will happen is if your share it with us:
I’ve recently been talking about how I struggle to tell MrH my desires while looking at him.

I hide my face, feeling embarrassed at the things that turn me on.

So this morning I challenged myself to tell MrH two things that turn me on, while looking at him and while he looked at me.

He didn’t react with anything negative, he didn’t look disgusted which of course is my fear. Instead he said, “sounds interesting” which I take to mean he likes the ideas... 

Karin Bird ~ The Swing Shift "And Then There Was Stewart"

Karin is a woman on a sexual mission – a self-described ‘middle aged’ professional who wants to prove that sex does not end in your thirties, or when you get a bit fat, or marry the wrong person. Her blog is all about her journey, and how it led her to her 'Daddy'. I was going to excerpt something else (which I'll do in a later #SoSS) but I thought I'd start with this recollection of a previous lover:
When I walked into the barStewart stood up and I had my first good look at him. Now, I have to tell you I have known a lot of men in my time. Never has a man had quite the effect on me that Stewart did. Even seeing him from across the room was like being pushed against a wall and kissed hard. I don’t know how I was still standing after that first look!
He took my hand and lead me up to the room he had booked. Stewart said, “I am going to go and have a cigarette. Get undressed and put your hands on the desk.” I followed these orders and when he came back he gave me a solid spanking.

He got undressed and I sucked his cock. Despite its size, it fit perfectly in my mouth. We fucked, which was amazing, and again a perfect fit
... [much more]

Jack ~ Frisky In The 916 "It Happens To Boys Too"

Jack is a regular contributor to the TMI Tuesday meme and recently blogged on a topic that few people are willing to take on, Childhood Abuse:

The main reason why I’ve been so slow to acknowledge the insidiousness of her actions is because, to my mindset, it didn’t fit the profile. I was a boy. She was a woman. 
Wasn’t abuse usually perpetrated by men against girls, or as we all saw on that very special episode of Diff’rent Strokes, against boys? Women just didn’t do that, did they? I’m not saying that it wasn’t in their nature or anything; the relative in question had certainly always seemed self-serving and exploitative. Had I given it more than a cursory thought, I probably wouldn’t have put anything past her. It’s just that, as far as I could tell at age fourteen or however old I might have been when these things occurred, a straight-identified boy couldn’t be abused by a woman to whom he was attractive. I mean, it just wasn’t possible, was it?

As boys, we are taught to value sex with women. It’s a goal to which to aspire. It’s something to which we are told – verbally or through subtle programming – that we are entitled. So why would a boy below the legal age of consent who has sex with – or is groomed by – an older woman consider that abuse? He’s likely to consider it a victory.

At the time that the relative in question was prancing around in a new bikini, giving me up-close looks at her ample breasts and ass, I was happy with it. When she was making plans to take me camping on the Oregon Coast the summer after my junior year of high school, I didn’t consider that abuse. As she was pointing out every porn shop in her neighborhood when I’d come up to visit; just to put it in my head that she was aware of such things and that she thought about them, and perhaps to make me think about visiting such an establishment – or consuming its wares – with her, I was excited
... [much more] 

It’s Sinful Sunday 😈

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It’s #SinfulSunday 😈

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

St Patrick's Day Orgy

I realise in previous years I have posted some very lame pictures on St Patrick's Day. Even though I think it is a silly day (what are we 'celebrating'? getting drunk?) I resolved last year that I would try to do better this year with my image choices.

Here are some photos from the St Patrick's Day event I attended last year. We all got drunk and it degenerated into an orgy - I think it was my shoes that got the ladies excited...

Everyone is feeling Sad this week!